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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 5, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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see you again next time. remember the spin stops here. because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: america, there you are looking live at the smoke-filled backroom where house and senate democrats will conspire to ram through their health care reform package away from the prying eyes of you, the american people. this is the top secret room deep inside the corridors of the u.s. capitol where the final negotiations will take place in a stunning break from tradition democratic leaders will forego the conference process to merge the bills. secret deliberations will likely be held behind closed doors. that brings us to our headline tonight: democracy in hiding." the seem was developed by nancy pelosi and harry reid drawing heavy fire from republicans who along with you
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the american people will all be locked out of these deliberations. not only is this breaking traditions, democrats like president obama he's breaking a promise. remember when the anointed one said this about health care negotiations during his presidential debate. >> not negotiating behind closed doors but bringing all parties together. and broadcasting those negotiations on c-span so the american people can see what the choices are. >> sean: the president is not alone. harry reid is changing his tune now he finds himself in the majority. remarks he made 2006 about the importance of conference committees. >> at least in a conference committee, you have people working together. sticking things in. sometimes democrats complain or republicans complain whoever is in the minority here. we didn't get enough consultation. you cut us out of the process. at least had you a group of senators, democrats or
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republicans in the process. here, you have one person making a decision. >> sean: now he sounds a lot different nowadays, doesn't he? all of this has caught the attention of c-span's executive. he asked for the conference committee meetings to be open to television cameras. he says if congress agrees he says, "the c-span networks will commit the necessary resources to covering all sessions live in their entirety." will the president live up to his campaign promise? joining me former pennsylvania senator rick santorum and editor-in-chief of the daily caller tucker carlson. guys welcome aboard. happy new year by the way. senator, you in the senate, is this how it works? you take millions, hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars and buy votes. >> that how it works? >> that's now how it should work.
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generally speaking that's not how it works. on appropriation bills, i hate to say it, we are spending money every year. unfortunately, that's how it does work. usually on major pieces of legislation like that, certainly something as important as this health care bill. this should be in an different class by itself. this should be public, out there, there should be a conference. the conferences are republicans sit down, democrats sit down. the press is there. amendments are offered, things are debated. we see the process work through that's what they don't want. they don't want the american public to see how this bill is being put together. they are buying blocs of votes. >> sean: they are bypassing procedure and tradition. i think bypassing even the constitution, tucker. i went back today tucker and i looked this up. we just played president obama. he said, we will not negotiate
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behind closed doors we'll broadcast on c-span. he said it four times that i could find. how does he get away with, again another meeting behind closed doors? >> at some cost this is really embarrassing. you are doing a show on it. it is possible another network may notice it, though maybe not. but in makes obama look ridiculous. he's clearly breaking campaign pledge, promises. you have to ask, why are they doing this? they know they are going to take a lot of heat for it? they are not going to get a bill without. the process is so sleazey and so repulsive if ordinary people saw it, there would be a revolt. so they have no choice. the option, let brian lamb the fairest arbiter i think we can agree of them all, afternoon trusts brian lamb. let him bring his cameras and the rest of us see this or no bill. that's the choice they face. >> sean: tucker, that is not
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reality. >> i knowoúñ that's congress! >> sean: you know and i know that's not gonna happen. here's what i don't understand. the american people, you first tucker, they say they don't want this bill. they seem to have very little concern -- byron is not going to run for office, a lot of democrats are bailing out. i think they see the political winds. they see where the american people are. they ignore the will of the american people. don't you think they got to realize politically this is suicide for them? >> i agree completely. you get bipartisan support for huge piece of legislation not because it is right but because it gives you cover. when you are out there by yourself as the democrats are with no bipartisan support when you are forcing this through the congress without the support of the american people you are going to get hurt in the end. and they are going to get hurt and the wise ones know it >> sean: senator santorum, how
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many years in the senate? >> 12. >> sean: to cycles. did you ever see a case where 300 million dollars for one senor, 100 million dollars for another, 100 million dollars for another. more in the next segment. did you ever see this kind of money being used to buy votes like this? >> not on something like this. i mean, look this is -- this is probably the most important piece of legislation that will pass the congress since the new deal, maybe the great society programs in is a huge undertaking. to use sort of the traditional log roll in when they try to pass appropriation bills or transportation bills the things that are special home projects sort of built into the equation. to use that to pass something of this significance to the economy, to the country, to our whole way of governance, is repull sieve. i think what tucker said -- repull sieve.
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i think what tucker said is right. they can't show how they are cobbling this bill how they are paying off this senator and that senator to pull this together. they've chosen to hide it in order to get a bill. >> sean: tucker, didn't republicans get in trouble for all these earmarks? i think is the biggest opportunity of a lifetime. frankly, i'm a little dismayed that some republicans that are still taking earmarks. wouldn't this be the moment, the time for republicans to come out and every single one say, we will never accept another dime in earmarks like this again? >> you think quitting smoking is tough, earmarks an addiction that almost nobody can break. you are right. that ought to be their new year's resolution. that's just the beginning of what they can do. the obama administration is so far over reached in such a amateur way if you had a tight party in opposition you can take over in the midterms.
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it is sad to watch. maybe they will get it together and take advantage of this moment. >> sean: last question. senator santorum what do you think happens in 2010, do the republicans have a shot at taking over the congress? >> i don't think there is any question. you mentioned byron not running again. i'm not sure he was going to run against him. that's one we can win if the house member decides to run for the senate we can win that house seat. in pennsylvania we can pick up five house seats maybe more. there are opportunities galore. we are getting good candidates across this country. i think the democrats have calculated this wrong. they think they motivate their base if they pass this bill. their base has figured out, this bill isn't good for them. howard dean and the rest figured out this is not what they want this is bad governance. payoffs to people to get them to pass some bill and they are
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not going to be motivated republicans will be. the best news for the democrats is if this health bill fails and hopefully, the american public will forget what they tried to do to them and maybe they could survive 2010. if this bill passes, i predict a republican house. >> sean: i tend to agree with you. thanks guys. we'll get into the specifics of what senator was offered what. much more to come on hannity tonight. here's a sneak peek. is democracy for sale? all the ways your elected leaders are selling out with your money and why. >> nazis, nazis. >> under fire for posting a video bashing party protesters. a ghost of clinton's scandals past returns to the u.s.. i wonder how he was able to get a visa now?
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and charlie sheen's christmas present for his wife. much more hannity, straight ahead.
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>> sean: beyonce taking heat. how she decided to ring in the new year. according to the "new york post", the sinner was hired by hanibal qadhafi to perform at his private new year's eve's party. the son of muammar qadhafi long track record of violence against women. on christmas day he allegedly attacked his wife in london, breaking her nose. beyonce should think about maybe finding new friends. sounds like charlie sheen. ú.@
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>> sean: despite a number of senators wavering in the final hours harry reid was able to scrape together the 60 votes that he needed. how was prince harry able to quinn the remaining hold-outs to come to the dark side?
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good old fashioned corrupt politics, that's how. while money was not directly placed in the senators' pockets it may have may as well have been. the senate passed the health care only because it bought off the necessary votes. let's break down the cast. senator maryland drew, 300 million dollars her state of louisiana will receive increased subsidies. leahy, 250 million dollars and the assurance vermont will receive these medicaid payments over six years instead of being penalized for expanded health care coverage. independent bernie sanders, mere 10 billion dollars in exchange, his state will get extra help for medicaid and a pet project for community health centers. connecticut's chris dodd 100 million for a new hospital at
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the university that could be built in his state. ben nelson the final hold-out his vote was priceless. nelson was able to secure a promise that uncle sam would pay 100% of the coast for expanding medicaid for low income in bran cans, indefinitely. some things -- nebraskans, indefinitely. some things money can't buy, the -- stuart varney and former white house press secretary dana per reason know. cash for cloture. we can have fun with this. but the american people are going to pay hundreds of millions of dollars. >> there's a pattern here it goes way beyond the health care bribery that went on in the senate. there's a pattern of taxpayer money being used to buy votes. latest example. municipal unions are going to be bought off. they've racked up enormous pension liabilities.
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two -- two trillion dollars bailed out by theway the direct payoff to the municipal unions with taxpayer money. buying votes. >> sean: you use the word that i use. i don't think it is the moral equivalency. this is worse than bribery because you are not using your money. >> i think bribery is a fair word to use. >> sean: what is wrong with that? >> sure it is fair. all is fair in love and war. when the news came out about the louisiana purchase that senator land drew got 100 million dollars she was indignant. and said excuse me it is 300 million dollars. i think they are missing the boat on one thing. their initial response was, one, everybody does it. two, it's always been done this way and three, who cares what you think. they will pay a price for that >> this time they are doing with it 1/6 of the united states' economy giving away not just hundreds of millions, giving away billions
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year after year to get this mismatched awful piece of legislation through the senate. outrageous. >> sean: what the political consequences? who pays a price for this? >> i think about 2006 the republicans made the mistake of thinking that earmarks weren't going to be a big deal. remember that they passed it over? we had the bridge to nowhere. this is a bill to nowhere because it doesn't get you where you want to be, i coined it. any way, it doesn't get them where they want to be. even speaker pelosi took a shot at the president saying this isn't the bill we thought we were going to get she is going to pass it through any way. >> it is so naked. it is so obvious what is going on. you can't pull the wool over the people's eyes. they noah is going on and who is -- they know what is going on and who is going to pay. >> sean: republicans were up nine points as we begin the new year.
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we see the president's approval ratings. does this translate into a massive political landslide in 2010? >> the president and the democrats could get lucky. you are going to see some relatively positive economic news in the next few days. the factories are beginning to get new orders. the economy is expanding a little. jobs numbers, not so bad. jobs may be created. if that momentum carries through and the economy is topic number one, the president and the democrats could get lucky. so bribery and security could be overlooked. >> today, one of the things reported democrats have strategy they are laying laying out for 2010, attack sarah palin, one they have a bankruptcy of ideas. two, they don't have any confidence in what they said they were going to accomplish. and three, they are going to run on a party of no. on being the party of no.
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>> sean: i want to go back to stuart's point. look, we want jobs created stuart. >> yes, we do. >> sean: people will overlook nationizing health care. overlooked the backroom dealing. overlook cap and tax. overlook tax increases and forgive the democrats, they will forget this if unemployment is at 9%? >> remember you passed the "tipping point" on taxation only half the people who work in america pay any federal income tax at all that means a minority of people. that is a constituency which is being milked. why do people who don't pay tax why shouldn't they want those who do pay tax to pay more? >> sean: i think the democrats have figured out there's a lot more people that are "not in that rich category" so >> the class warfare might work. i hate it that class warfare
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might work, but it might work. >> remember after 1994 president clinton started to pull back from class warfare because it was not working. i'm not saying that is going to be a repeat. if i were a republican today even though i'm tired, i'd be having a town hall and i would say why isn't the democrat in my state having a town hall? because they are not willing to stand up and fight for this bill. >> sean: fascinating stuff, guys good to see you. happy new year. >> to you too. >> sean: in the 200 million dollar, a new report puts an exact figure on what it would cost to try khalid shake muhammad in new york city and the cia director redirects manpower to monitor climate change at the cost of our security, your security, your family's security? much more straight ed.
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>> sean: the estimated cost of the obama administration's decision to hold the 9/11 terror trials in new york city has nearly tripled. in november, when attorney general eric holder announced terrorists would be brought to lower manhattan in new york to stand trial security costs were estimated to stand around 75 million dollars. guess what? the "new york daily news" is quoting nypd sores who now project it will take approximately 200 million dollars, per year to secure the trials. another reason why the thugs should go before military tribunals at gitmo not a u.s. courtroom. >> millions of americans know how hard it is to find a job in the private sector. apparently former republican senator lincoln chafee is having trouble because he's trying to get back on the government's payroll.
9:25 pm
he was booted out of office in the 2006 election has announced he's running for governor of rhode island as an independent. wildly liberal, former senator has masqueraded as a republican until late 2007 when he quit the party. now he hopes to bring his pro choice, anti-war views to the governor's office. liberal, now independent. maybe after he loses this election he will become a democrat. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: in the wake of the attempted christmas day terror attack you would think the spies at the cia would have their hands full securing america. assets at langley used for other projects. report from the new york times reveals cia manpower and satellites monitoring, get this, climate change. the secret program scrapped by the bush administration
9:26 pm
president obama cia director the guy with no intelligence experience at all, leon panetta has decided to bring it back. he said the cia should be keeping americans safe not spying on sea lions. ♪ ♪ >> sean: national public radio using your tack dollars again to showcase liberal bias. in a new video npr attacks the tea party movement. here's a portion of the learn to speak tea bag video lesson. keep in mind, you paid for this. >> if you are having trouble understanding the word of others are being understood yourself, use tea bag, stronger more descriptive word. >> nazi, nazi. >> perfect, see that's not so hard. when speaking tea bag it is not polite to draw attention to others campaign distributors. remember, they speak tea bag
9:27 pm
just like you. >> sean: we have the cia spying on sea eye ons, npr using your money to slam americans who have the courage to voice their opinion west are not starting off 2010 on the right foot, are we? that is the news from hannity's america. coming up, another business czar exchange between white house reporter helen thomas and the ever so elegant press secretary robert gibbs. all caught on tape, that straight ahead.
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>> sean: tropical depression's white house briefing was interrupted by an odd debate between gibbs and helen thomas. >> what [ inaudible ] >> no you asked me about my president. >> our president. >> i agree. >> sean: there is our press secretary at his finest.
9:30 pm
>> sean: there's a story in today's "washington post" that former president clinton and secretary of state clinton sure hope you missed. it shows you pays to have friends in high places. he's the ghost of campaign scandals past and now after eight years of being banned from the united states, independent's banker and felon james riotti has returned to the united states. he pleaded guilty to a
9:31 pm
conspiracy to defraud the united states after illegally funneling money to democrats and the presidential campaigns of bill clinton. along with his associate john wong his dealings became the focus of the '96 campaign scandal. the now famous ice tea defense of vice president gore. >> there is no controlling legal authority. >> sean: and the stonewalling of attorney general reno. the scandal was the biggest blemish on the clinton administration until, well another scandal. getting back to riotti. when the dust cleared his company was fined a record 8.of million dollars for their illegal behavior. and he was ineligible to obtain a visa to return to the u.s. during the bush administration because of a cause denying entry to individuals -- because of a clause denying entry individuals who have committed crimes of moral turpitude.
9:32 pm
but he visited the united states twice during 2009 after receiving a special waiver from the state department, a state department now run by hillary clinton. a state department spokesman denies that secretary clinton had any knowledge of his return. maybe the documents were filed with the rose law firm records. joining me from los angeles with more on the story is founder of big, happy new year, sir. >> happy new year to you too. >> sean: hillary knew nothing. conspiracy to defraud the u.s. government, you get back in, no problem. >> i find it strange this is coming out after what happened with the plane bomber over christmas. i think what you have here is a case of finger-pointing one the administration. perhaps some turmoil going on between hillary clinton and barack obama. this is a huge piece. it is written negatively
9:33 pm
against hillary clinton. there's innuendo and implications in there that somehow she knew something when it looks like it was the department of homeland security that issued this waiver. >> sean: i guess the big question i have and i think a lot of people in america have. why? why is america resistant to say no to people -- look if we open our borders the world's population would come here. why are we resistant to say that if you did not respect our laws in sovereignty, you can't come in. if you have some type of terrorist ties, you can't come in. why the resistance? >> i don't know. the clintons end of their presidency on bringing in mark rich through eric holder, back into the country after being a huge, you know -- he was a person who fled the country in order not to face the consequences. something interesting happened today. one of the great military
9:34 pm
bloggers of our time, michael yarn was arrested because he wouldn't answer a tsa security agent when they asked him how much do you make for a living? he wouldn't respond. so we have a military er who can't get into the country who is getting arrested. and you have james riotti in charge of the biggest campaign finance scandal in the history of the united states, 70 people pleaded the fifth. 17 people fled the country. and 13 people were convicted. this guy is coming back into the country. so we've got major problems with our border and border security and homeland security. >> sean: up until today when i heard robert gibbs earlier today and the president later today we were gonna repatriate gitmo detainees and send them back to yemen. a hotbed for terrorist training. that's not gonna happen. now, the president is standing by janet napolitano the system
9:35 pm
worked though he now says the system failed. standing by panetta, standing by everybody. do you think heads should roll as a result of their reaction to this christmas bombing? or attempted bombing. >> heads should roll and then a new set of hes will roll back in who are all similarly politically correct who aren't willing to announce that islamic jihad is a problem and we need to start isolating people using our brains. not going after grandmas and the like. it seems like everything is upside down. when michael ya -- yon is detained and these type of people are getting into the country when a guy is able to get over the united states with strapped munitions in his underwear, something is desperately wrong with our system. >> sean: i think something is wrong with the system.
9:36 pm
here's the big question, it's a tough one. do we have a president that just doesn't have a clue about where we are? that we have an enemy out to destroy us. do we have an administration that's clueless? do we have an administration that is endangering the american people? >> i think the answer is yes to that but i think in terms of pure symbol. this guy was supposed to come in take over where supposedly george bush left off. this is a guy who treated a surf board accident with his kid more seriously than he treated the underwear bomber. he went out to play golf once he found out about what had occurred. when he found out that a friend's kid's chin a cut on it, he quit his golf outing. >> sean: so the question is, who is responsible? gibbs wouldn't say earlier today whether people should be fired over this.
9:37 pm
in your opinion, i think napolitano should go. i don't think she has any experience. leon panetta doesn't have any experience. the whole list of people that are not qualified for the positions they have is staggering. should anybody be fired? will anybody be fired? are they just tone deaf to the fact that we have a war on terror? >> that's the answer. they all come from that basic orientation. i think that frankly, hillary clinton, if she were in charge, would be a hell of a lot tougher than barack obama is. perhaps that's what this entire article in the "washington post" is about. is that she has been standing off to the side and allowing for these people to hang themselves with their inept behavior. at the end of the day janet napolitano came into her position and stated the people to fear in the united states were fellow americans and those people like sarah palin -- >> sean: that's right.
9:38 pm
>> that's a huge problem. >> >> sean: should the american people be afraid that their government is not taking steps necessary to protect them? >> yes. i mean to say the least. i mean, we now know beyond our wildest imagination that jihad is alive and well in america and barack obama is -- his international tour of apologizing about america made us less safe. >> sean: good to see you. time to check in with the one and only greta van susteren. here's the big tease something she has tonight. >> greta: we have a fabulous show. we have karl rove talking about all sorts of things transparency. griff jenkins on the road, i'm not going to tell you where he is. >> sean: why can't you tell us? >> greta: it's a secret? i haven't decide we are going to tell the viewers.
9:39 pm
>> sean: i think that is so unfair you do that to me every night. >> greta: here's a question for you. between the two of us. do you think joan rivers might be a terrorist? >> sean: no. joan rivers? >> greta: you better watch the show. you better watch tonight don't think that, you better watch tonight. >> sean: this is bordering on enhancement interrogation, almost torture. greta van susteren coming up in 21 short minutes from now. let not your heart be troubled. when we come back the great, great, american panel. ♪ ♪ ugcl)
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yeacl 's h fba icos y!tyft juneck yno itft'sse sut'cu tyftef (ckicli
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. author of the new book, get this, i endorsed it and bill clinton endorsed it. when has that ever happened? the political fix. from the grassroots to the white house, doug schoen. he's the editor. eric ericson is here. she is the star, not a starve bravo's real housewives of new york city, author of the skin girl dish. stephanie franklin back with us. you insulted me the last time were you on. >> you were wearing a pink tie
9:43 pm
you toned it down. >> sean: you gave your fiance. you are about to get mary the biggest rock i've ever seen. >> you like it so much you put a ring on it. >> sean: i would consider marrying him if he gave me that new york city is near bankruptcy spending money on from the department of health for a pamphlet on how to use heroin and intravenous drugs properly. they have recommendations use drugs with somebody else. you shouldn't mix the drugs, by the way. don't share. by the way, inject yourself. they give you the advice. they tell you how to get rid of your needles. and they suggest you wash your hands with soap and water and use fresh tap water or sterile water tubes. as you can see they have take care of your veins. if you wanted to take care of your veins don't use heroin.
9:44 pm
>> someone tell me how to safely put a gun in my mouth and blow my head off. because i want to know how to safely commit suicide. >> i'm kind of speechless. my wife would be impressed with that. don't these people already know, because that's the problem they know how to inject themselves with heroin to begin with? >> i'm about to inject heroin let me wash my hands with tap water or sterile water. >> the brochure in fairness said, don't use drugs. made it very clear that it is a lot cheaper to avoid getting aids and avoid getting diseases -- >> sean: isn't this like telling your kids -- go ahead. >> it is like saying don't steal. they know they shouldn't be doing drugs. it is a waste of money. >> don't have sex, don't have sex. if you have sex, put a condom on.
9:45 pm
conflicted message. >> it may be conflicted. when you are dealing with dug addicts in the city where still a substantial number of people have the problem, you have to dry to -- to try to deal it. >> sean: why do my tax dollars have to go to this? >> it is cheaper to stop behavior that is a public health problem -- >> sean: how about putting them in jail? >> go down to the department of public health and get this pamphlet and say i want to learn how to do my heroin right. >> the show intervention i've twittered about it. they say no one watches that show. you think heroin addicts watch the show? they don't read pamphlets. >> i don't think they saw sterile water. 2009 is becoming the year of the nanny state. arnold schwarzenegger banning trans-fats in restaurants. i hate to tell you, if i go to
9:46 pm
a restaurant i want my trans-fats. >> you wouldn't know the difference honestly. neon yellow chicken in a coop with 8,000 chickens. >> i don't want to know this. >> you don't have to know, why should you -- you might not know. a lot of people are much less intelligent than you and they don't know what they are putting in their mouth? >> sean: why did i need the government to tell me -- >> because you should be doing heroin. >> i smoke crack every night before the program. >> before you eat your trans-fat. >> once they ban it they will put out pamphlets on how to prepare your chicken right. >> i have a tv in every room in my house. they want to ban my plasma tv. i want my television. >> and you should have it sean and you will have it. >> sean: when it breaks i'm stuck with what? >> there will not be a man to fix it.
9:47 pm
>> this is the government trying to intervene in the free market. sales of plasma tv's are going down because people are switching to more efficient. trans-fats you can't get it any more. most restaurants don't serve it any more. the market is working. >> because that is a trend because of the government. >> sean: look, i believe the government has a role. this is not their role. >> it is health, what are you worried about? >> sean: i like mcdonald's. >> you wouldn't know the difference. >> sean: how about i choose what i want to eat and you choose what you want to eat. i want to eat mcdonald's! >> information not regulation or condemnation. >> sean: i want to east mcdonald's and left alone and i want the government out of my life. >> heart disease and all the health problems. >> sean: none of your business if i want to eat food why is it your business?
9:48 pm
>> then why worry about health care reform and insurance. they have to go to the doctor because they need insurance to take care of the trans-fats. >> why weren't we banning smoking? >> absolutely fair point. >> hypocrisy of government choosing what to regulate and shutdown. mcdonald's doesn't have trans-fat any more. >> government has a role to inform people about the risks. if you are informed and make decisions. >> sean: what are we gonna ban next? i like coca-cola. >> diet pills have zendrin in it which gives heart attacks. >> the democrats can't ban coca-cola otherwise they wouldn't be able to fund their health care plan. >> sean: great point. bottom line is they are talking about we have an energy secretary that wants to paint every roof in america and every black pavement
9:49 pm
white. i'm thinking, we have the coldest year on record, it is 40° in miami for crying out loud. china and russia are freezing. the rest of the country is freezing. there's snow everywhere. the coldest year on record. why are they involved in our lives in this way? >> i think they are going too far. what we've seen is the american people are reacting against it. i think the government has a role to inform not to control. >> sean: we to take a break. we'll come back and bethany is going to cook healthy food that i'm not going to touch. host: did the waltons take way too long to say goodnight? mom: g'night john boy. g'night mary ellen. mary ellen: g'night mama. g'night erin. elizabeth: g'night john boy. jim bob: g'night grandpa. elizabeth: g'night ben. jim bob:'night. elizabeth: g'night jim bob. jim bob: g'night everybody,
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>> sean: we continue with our great great american panel. during the break you said you
9:53 pm
would eat a quarter pounder with cheese? >> i've five months pregnant absolutely. >> sean: if the government had its way you wouldn't be allowed. >> yes because it doesn't have trans-fats now. >> if they did it to trans-fats they will do it to quarter pounders. >> sean: what do you think lipitor and crest for is for? -- and or is for? that's what they are for. >> i -- protect my right to get my lipitor. >> sean: exactly. "i they want to tell us what kind of cars to drive, while they are driving in lem knows -- in limos. i don't want a helmet law. i don't want a seat belt law. if you are driving a motorcycle without a helmet and something happens you take responsibility for your life. >> i think we ought to have seat belts and helmets. >> sean: you have the choice.
9:54 pm
>> i'm in fair people don't care them drive up my costs. >> sean: i usually wear a seat belt if i don't want to put it on it is my business. >> you getting into a wreck jacks up my insurance rate. >> sean: it should jack up my insurance rate. >> i always put it on because i know i should. >> sean: i do because my kids won't let me drive without it. i can't be a hypocrite. >> your kids now know it is safer. the law made me realize that it is safer. if it weren't a law -- >> maybe it does have an affirmative role. >> it made me realize it is safer. >> sean: you're a democrat. is there any -- i know you are friends with evan bayh. is there any moderate democrat. you have got to be sickened by the smoke filled backroom dealings going on the secrecy the broken promise on transparency, it's gonna be on
9:55 pm
c-span now the republicans are shut out. hundreds of millions to buy off votes. how do you feel as a democrat? >> i'm deeply disturbed by what is happening. let me explain why it is going on for the audience. >> sean: because democrats are corrupt. >> no. they've made a decision unless they do it in backrooms quietly, they will never get it passed. if they get it passed, which they most likely will. they will be able to say, we a bill, put the past behind and go out with a piece of legislation. however flawed it is, they believe it is better than failure. >> sean: we are going to rob from our children and grandchildren. the american people haven't read it. they are going to pay huge taxes for four years before anything is implemented. and they bought them off, they bribed them. >> that's the american way. that's the way legislation works. >> sean: i'm a fool to believe we can do better. >> i think we can do better.
9:56 pm
sunlight is a great disinfectant. they are scared of the voters. they wanted to push the vote before christmas so the congressmen wouldn't have to face -- >> sean: they never worked christmas eve their entire life. >> they shutdown the phonelines over the holidays so nobody could call. >> other thing they want is to get this bill done before the state of the union and use the state of the union as the disinfectant. >> there's such a lack of trust right now it is going to make it worse. >> sean: isn't this corruption at the highest level we've seen in our lifetime? come on. >> i couldn't wouldn't call it corrupt, i would call it a failing administration with policies that are increasingly unpopular. >> sean: i wrote about this -- i read this, -- >> barack obama said states that grow corrupt and out of touch and don't listen to their citizens tends to breed people who are angry. and like to lash out.
9:57 pm
maybe napolitano knew what was coming and that's why she did the right wing homeland security report. >> sean: domestic violence is huge in the country. remember we had all the evidence of o.j. simpson prior to what happened. we have this christmas call, charlie sheen attacking his wife on christmas. listen to this call: >> sean: now reports say they want to get back together. now, if that's true, shouldn't he be in jail? >> yeah. or she should be in jail for
9:58 pm
making a false 911 call. has he ever been a real staupbg human being by any stretch of the imagination? >> i worry about the kids. -- are either of these people fit, sean to raise kids? >> sean: great question. >> i don't think so. >> sean: great question. >> what brit hume said about tiger woods we are all following people. people need to find faith, redemption and forgiveness. this guy has been in and out of for years with his first wife. the heidi flies struggle, qadhafi and charlie sheen both on christmas. >> and he's back at work today. >> it is a tragedy. i agree about the kids. >> it is a fine line, you gonna get two sides of the story. what if she now recants. then she is -- >> then she is crazy, a lunatic. >> sean: or filed a false
9:59 pm
report or made a false call. because somebody makes the allegation doesn't make it true. >> absolutely but then there is something wrong with her. there is something wrong with both of them. >> going before a judge to resolve the issues not only the two of them -- >> sean: if he did this what should happen? >> if he did this and there's a history of domestic violence he should be indicted and prosecuted. no person is above the law. and something should be done to make sure those kids are safe. >> sean: what if she says i love him, i forgive him he didn't mean it. >> the whole anger management classes all that stuff. why $8500 bail? so cheap. you hold a knife to wife's throat. >> sean: i was surprised how low it is. if they want to work this out, god bless there are kids involved. but he needs help. until then it is like the terrorists we have to say alleged. >> the call is real